About us

The Junge Sinfonieorchester an der WWU Münster e. V. is a student ensemble with around 85 currently active members from all faculties of the university. However, non-students are also always welcome. The orchestra has been in existence since 1986 and is a member of Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland and the Bundesverband Deutscher Liebhaberorchester.

Rehearsals are held regularly once a week (every Wednesday) during the lecture period. In addition, there is a rehearsal day and two rehearsal weekends each semester. The program usually consists of a solo concerto and a symphonic piece and is performed at the end of each semester in two concerts. The program is selected by the orchestra members in consultation with the conductor in a democratic vote.

We expect all active musicians to participate regularly in the rehearsals and in both rehearsal weekends as well as, naturally, in all concerts.

In addition to making music together, the contact between the members of the orchestra is of great importance. We often get together and socialise after rehearsals and are always up for celebrating together, be it after our concerts or any other chance we get.

The orchestra is organized and recognised as a registered non-profit association. Members of the Junge Sinfonieorchester are initially all active musicians. At the beginning of each summer semester, a general meeting is held to decide on all important issues. At this meeting, a board of directors is elected for the duration of one year, which coordinates the essential organizational tasks. As a registered association, the orchestra is financed, among other things, by a semester fee (currently 35 euros), which each member must pay.

The Junge Sinfonieorchester is part of the "General Studies". Participation in the rehearsals and concerts of the Junge Sinfonieorchester enables the acquisition of credit points in the "General Studies".